Gta san andreas dating walkthrough pc

Therefore, get Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC Game Download and remember to leave your morality behind before launching the game.

This game has become a great way to chill for thousands of players all over the world.

Each girl will have her own taste and may not like the place you take her.

There are usually particular appearance features a girl likes.

If CJ meets her criteria, it's a date; if not, she'll give him tips about what to improve so he can dress up and work out and try again later.

The main reason to date a girl is to get a special bonus in exchange.

However CJ's girlfriends, just like in real life, require upkeep and pampering, and the right care for their personality and tastes.

Developer and Publisher: Rockstar Games, War Drum Series: Grand Theft Auto Engine: Render Ware Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC, Play Station 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, OS X, Play Station 3, i OS, Android, Windows Phone, Fire OS PC Release date: 07 June 2005 Modes: Single-player, multiplayer As it goes for our hero, a lot has changed. What’s more, interactions with other people do not end on killing them or beating them up.

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