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The trouble is, while we seem to spend a huge part of our lives conversing with other people, it’s usually the visual signs and signals that tick our boxes.When we meet new call girls in goa, if they’re attractive, smiling, have clean teeth and don’t have a dorky name, we’re hooked!It doesn’t matter if this vision of loveliness has political views that are totally at odds with our own, that they never read anything except the gossip columns, or couldn’t make a casserole if their lives depended on it.

The connections we create with someone over the Internet in the privacy of our own home may turn out to be very different to the real person who emerges out of the ether when we eventually meet our virtual mate.

So what is it about Internet dating that makes the transition from online to reality so problematic?

That way, you can keep focused on what you have in common.

Don’t forget – you’ll need something to talk about when you do meet, so keep something back. If you lie about anything, especially something significant, there’ll come a time when you’ll think you’re in a TV soap opera and everyone knows about your sordid secrets except the love of your life.

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