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(Ty Ka)Kai needs time off from his job to oversee a little side project he started. (Warning: Exceeding crudeness and excessive banter)Kai had just wished for a peaceful Saturday he would spend in his house, he hadn't expected Tala to drag him to bar where he would eat something he wasn't supposed to. (Ty Ka One-shot)Two years after the events of BEGA, a fourth championship is announced, a new team rises from nowhere in efforts of becoming the most powerful team in existence. has asked the Bladebreakers and the Blitzkrieg Boys to put together an act for a charity gala. (as it involves the B-Boys, it will naturally contain some curse language)Bryan swears blind for his hatred of Garland after what Garland done to Tala, he also swears that in some way, shape or form, he is going to get his revenge, and hurt Garland too. Getting tired of watching Kai and Takao tiptoing around each other, Rei takes moves to get them finally together.

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1) Mechanisms (utility) MMTk comes with the utility classes that provides mechanism for the memory management, across multiple policies and plans that use those policies. Policies are implemented following the local/global pattern, and named XXXSpace and XXXLocal. Copying Collector - Copy Space extends Space | Copy Local extends Bump Pointer 3.

An ideal example showing the usage of the utility package is, the interface Constants. Explicit Large Object Space extends Base Large Object Space |4.

I like to write because it's a massive distraction from reality.

Secretly, I just adore the idea of experimenting with so many unrealistic scenarios.

Compiler pragmas are used by MMTk to control the inlining and interruptibility, and scoped across methods and classes, where more specific pragma scopes such as method pragmas override the broader ones such as class pragmas.

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