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One of the wives told me her husband could put his all the way to her womb entrance and put babies there almost any time she was really fertile.

Little did I know that my own son had an organ that size and that one day he would put it inside his Mother.

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The pain quickly became unnoticeable as he stroked in an out of my now wet vagina.

I didnt get to orgasm because he was overly excited too and didnt last long.

Gently rubbing it at first and then running his finger up to my clitoris, I knew I had to have something done for me or I was going to scream.

He slipped down his boxer shorts and I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a large dick.

When I got into bed with my new husband and he began kissing me then feeling my breast, I was getting a twitch between my legs that I had never experienced before.

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