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On this trip we visited Sofia in Bulgaria (it was our stepping stone to the region), Baku in Azerbaijan, Tbilisi and Borjomi in Georgia, we then went to Armenia for a few days, before ending our trip in Batumi and Kutaisi in western Georgia.

they will gladly invite you and show retro style shining “L... That speaks more about them than any of the written texts. So he launched his own burger place offering handcrafted gourmet burgers and classic sides: onion rings, fries and salads, using only natural local ...

When composing Fabrika’s project they had not only purely architectural vision for the new life of a former Soviet sewing factory but they also formed philosophy of this unique place. Every second one in Fabrika is holding the Asian box and sticks – they are from Ukve – Asian fast food.

Much of the city seemed to be unloved and neglected.

I know Georgia is a developing nation and that you can’t judge it in the same way as EU countries, but we didn’t find Armenia to be like this, and as far as I’m aware they are in a similar economic situation.

This old school barbershop offers classic haircuts,... Tough it was the first experience in a restaurant business for sisters Nato and Tako Makhaldiani, Tone easily succeeded in being the only place among Fabrika’s food choices linked to Georgian traditions.

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