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I wondered over this to tell the truth, as disciple John has a rare intellect. ''such and such Ministry'' - as soon as u see this pride and ego trick, remember APOSTLE John !

The false shepherds can be so easily discerned by their pride!

rather than being '' THE invaded all the time'' a believer BECOMES, the INVADER.:) EATING the food taken from your enemy in spiritual conquest.

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You have dispossessed those evil inhabitants from your land. What is happening here is YOU ARE FIGHTING A WAR in your mind SO THAT YOU CAN SPIRITUALLY MATURE IN THE IMAGE OF CHRIST by having a renewed mind.

YOU are begotten now and in the BEGOTTEN realm of Glory and Immortal life - so all these actions is '' your putting off your own mortals'' and replacing your mortals with His own immortality.

The evil is starved from eating you and living off your energy.

This means now ''YOUR IN POSSESSION OF THE PROMISED LAND.'':) and your enemies are your footstool and Christ cannot appear till this happens in all of His Sons. You are NO longer an enemy to Abba but a friend of Love.

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