Facebook dating app spam

Just remember that if you can see them, they can definitely see you. But if you choose to delete your Profile, you will lose all the data.If and when you’re ready to believe in love again (lol), you’ll have to start fresh—which, frankly, isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Unlike other dating platforms, Facebook wants users to build meaningful relationships, not hookups. In a press release, Charmaine Hung, the Technical Program Manager of Facebook Dating, shared, “Currently, there are more than 200 million people who have listed themselves as single in their relationship status on Facebook.

Many of them already use Facebook to start meaningful relationships.

Agree to meet in a public space and arrange your own transportation.

In a perfect world, everyone understands the meaning of consent and boundaries, but unfortunately, we still have a long way to go, so stay alert and know your limits.

If you feel uncomfortable, report anyone who asks for any of the said pieces of information. Scammers may also create fake accounts to trick you into giving them money or gifts.

Last modified 23-Apr-2020 05:41