Exchange 2016 global address not updating

During the initial deployment of Exchange 2016 a new mailbox store was created, the existing system mailboxes were migrated (mailbox move) to the new store and the default Exchange 2016 store was deleted. The behavior we were seeing was Outlook clients perpetually saying “Updating Address Book”, slow performance in Outlook where previously there wasn’t, delayed e-mail coming into mailboxes.

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If they closed Outlook, purged the contents of “Offline Address Books” they would never be re-created because the OAB would never download from Exchange.

I’m assuming you’ve got everything else configured correctly on your end at this point.

For more detailed instructions check out my previous post.

Changes to the GAL are immediately available if you are using Outlook Web Access (OWA).

You can make the Online Global Address Book your default but this isn’t recommended for slow network connections.

Last modified 30-Apr-2020 03:52