Eric stein dating jessica

Two heterosexual girly-girls decide to give lesbian love a try in this cuddly romantic comedy.

A veteran of the dating wars, high-strung, strenuously quirky New York City copy editor Jessica Stein (Jennifer Westfeldt) is beginning to wonder whether she'll ever meet Mr.

Riddle: She was Ho H #2, and claimed her word was always true. The goal is to put enough tea into the tank that the ball rises high enough to get it out. Veto Competition - “Janelle-O-Vision” Veto Players: Zach, Jameka, Jessica, Daniele, Dick and Eric. One at a time, the houseguests will take a seat in the pink chair. Question 6: Did Amber and Dustin win lobster tails for the house before or after Zach went streaking across the backyard to the pool? Question 1: In the picture of “For Those About To Slop”, how many black guitars are standing upright in their guitar stand? The first person to complete it will win the Power of Veto. Veto Ceremony Daniele used the Power of Veto on Dick. The houseguests are eliminated from the competition if they let go of their key, fall or stop the rabbit from moving forward.

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The last houseguest standing will win the Power of Veto. Question 3: Which evicted houseguest said “I did not want to tell them that I was a multi-business owner? Question 4: Which evicted houseguest admitted "the beds are about 5’5 and I was thinking it would hinder my chances if I was going to invite a girl back to my bed”? Each shot can be worth up to five points, as one point will be earned for each wicket that the ball is hit through and a fifth point will be reward if you hit the stake. If you answer correctly, you will stay in the game. Question 3: True or false, the cards around the bunny’s necks were the ace of hearts, nine of clubs and the five of diamonds? Eric answered incorrectly and was eliminated from the competition.

The person who bids the lowest number is eliminated from the competition. After everyone finished the shots, they went outside to see how many shots everyone had earned in the croquet portion of the competition. Julie will ask a series of true or false questions about the visitors. Question 1: True or false, the pirate on stilts said “always drink downstream of the heard? Question 2: True or false, only two members of the barbershop quartet had red bands on their hats? Dick and Zach answered incorrectly and were eliminated from the competition.

Veto Competition - “Hide and Seek Veto" Veto Players: Kail, Amber, Carol, Daniele, Jameka and Nick. Each competitor will be given a veto box and be put into an isolation booth so that they cannot communicate with each other. The best curler of the day will choose from all of the gifts, including the Power of Veto. Round 2: Daniele 1, Amber 5, Mike 5, Dick 17, Jen 20. Jen’s gift was a unitard that she must wear for the rest of the week.

One at a time they will enter the house and find a place to hide it. Carol hid her veto in between the mattresses of Dick’s bed. Round 1: Mike 1, Dick 2, Daniele 4, Amber 7, Jen 12, Joe 13.

Question 9: Which of the ex-houseguests spun the longest in the “Mushroom Madness”… The houseguests earn “Big Brother Bucks” for each one that they correctly interpreted. Riddle: Parading in his cape and crown, his eviction made him frown.

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