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From immortal dragon riders to the classic best-friends-to-lovers trope, this work has it all. Links for prompts, some rules for requests, and a list of my current requests can be found in the first chapter.

This is a collection of XReader One-Shots from multiple (probably too many) fandoms also posted on my Tumblr. More relationships will be added as chapters are added.

You are a hardworking young actor that catches a big break, resulting in you attending your first big awards show.

more ▼ It is a slow burn, more emphasis on the relationship.

Matt and Lila grow up as close family friends, but what if their relationship becomes more? Lmore ▼ Follow Haley, A popular hot college freshman through her college years. Feedback/support is super appreciated in helping me to keep this story ▼ Jessica isn't happy with her body and wants to lose a couple of pounds. Jake and The Nanny)more ▼ The WHOOP trio of spies, Sam, Alex, and Clover end the waistline-expanding cookie "Passion Patties".

Meghan Markle's father has stayed silent since she gave birth hoping, in his own words, that becoming a mother would 'mellow' her and they could heal their rift.

Alvi, an Asgardian healer, was captured on her first battle in a different realm, in Vanaheim. When a war wages against Asgard, you must stand up to take your father’s place.

Fine premium cigars are a work of art in them selves.

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