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And one day I went into the Goodwill store, I remember in West Eugene and there . So I’m in the Goodwill store and I looked in this rack and there’s one the tape sets from this guy that I had seen speak and they were a dollar. And so, of course, then I would go back to that Goodwill every time I was anywhere near it and like a month later there was another set of these tapes, also for a dollar.And then I’m thinking, okay lightning strikes twice. And so I just kept listening to these and at some point I realized this guy who’s teaching, Joe Stumpf, he’s got ideas unlike any that I’ve ever heard.It’s like something that happens out there in the world.

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And so I invited him on here to talk about opportunity, how to find it and what’s in this book and more specifically, to tell his story of how he got a start in business and he had a really tough background, how he went from that to building up this business that help Laura Roeder and how he used the ideas in this book to do it. He is now the founder of so many companies, little hard to describe.

So what I’ll do is I’ll say he started out as musician, long-haired musician, you would know by looking at him now. I dropped out of that to go on tour with the rock band.

So I went and I got a real estate license which back in those days meant you go in a little room, you listen to cassette tapes for months and then you go take a test and the you never use anything that you learned on the test or. I only sold one in a third homes my first year and I made less money than I was making at my manual labor job.

And so there I was with my two-door Camaro, with my ponytail trying to get people to buy and sell real estate. And basically I wasn’t figuring out sales and so I had to go learn about it and one of the seminars that I went to, one day I got these tickets in my inbox and they said like $97 value but because you’re a real estate agent you get to come to the seminar for free, you know.

And I sent it to one of his telemarketers because they were being cool to me and so I found this and I sent it to them.

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