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We'll enter the root password we wanna assign and then continue for the installation.

This root password should be noted which we'll need to configure the database for dolphin.

This will ask us to enter the password for root but as we haven’t set any password before and its our first time we’ve installed mariadb, we’ll simply press enter and go further. Then, we'll be welcomed into the Maria DB console in which we'll create our new database, database user and assign its password and permissions to create, remove and edit the tables and data stored in it.

Then, we’ll be asked to set root password, here we’ll hit Y and enter our password for root of Maria DB. Enter current password for root (enter for none): OK, successfully used password, moving on… Once everything above is done as expected, we’ve successfully created a database named dolphindb with username dolphinuser and password as Pa$$wor D123 .

Here are some easy steps on how we can setup Dolphin Pro and build our own Social Networking site in a Linux machine.

First of all, we'll gonna install LAMP Stack, LAMP is the combination of Apache Web Server, My SQL/Maria DB Database server and PHP modules.

Then, we’ll gonna create a new database so that it can store data for our Dolphin Pro installation. To do so, first we'll need to login to our Maria DB console by running the following command.

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