Disable automatic updating android apps

These automatic updates go on without any prior notification popping up on your device notification panel.

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Disable automatic updating android apps

And with the rate of app update roll-outs, that means your phone is constantly draining valuable battery life and using up data by running automatic updates. Apps can still remind you of important updates upon use, so you don’t have to worry about missing a critical bug fix or new features.

That may leave you thinking, does every one of those apps need to be always up to date? Visit the Tom's Guide Android Forums for even more information about Google's mobile OS.

So, if you are the one facing such problems while using your smartphones and want to turn off these automatic updates then just roll down.

With Android phone, you have all freedom for the updates which let you to choose whether to keep them on or off.

You are using mobile data suddenly you realize your applications updates are running in the background. But you are in your friend’s house you did n’t know you used a lot of data. By default, any app you download from the Google Play store (Android) or i Tunes App Store (i Phone/i Pad) will automatically update to its latest version whenever it is rolled out by the developer.

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