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But I don’t look bad for an old bird," Denise said."I’m proud of how I look at 60 and I’m not trying to look 30. So if I’m still getting my kit off at 90, so be it.

The Loose Women star, 60, last year posted a before and after bikini picture to Twitter, writing alongside it: "5 yrs 6 months ago, after replacing alcohol addiction with food, I joined Lighter Life and lost 2st 4lbs in 9 weeks.

I maintain to this day." 5 yrs 6 mths ago, after replacing alcohol addiction with food, I joined @lighterlife & lost 2st 4lbs in 9 wks. PCKi2— Denise Welch (@Real Denise Welch) November 6, 2018 She also opened up to The Mirror about her transformation, saying: “I’ve got bumps and lumps and a tummy and I’ve had two children.

Jimmy Savile knew where the bodies were buried and that's why there was a massive cover-up. Jimmy Savile was not even very good at what he did, as far as I'm concerned, he was a sleazy creep in a tracksuit, so why did they keep giving him all these jobs all the time?

The experience I've had and personal experience, he was horrible to the people he ...

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