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Mehmet Gökhan Bayhan / i Stock / Getty Images A 2019 study (Wistuba and colleagues) found that tree rings can also warn of impending slope collapses.It turns out that trees that are tilted by landsliding record eccentric elliptical tree rings.

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Douglass was mostly interested in the history of climatic variations exhibited in tree rings; it was Wissler who suggested using the technique to identify when adobe pueblos of the American southwest were built, and their joint work culminated in research at the Ancestral Pueblo town of Showlow, near the modern town of Showlow, Arizona, in 1929. Judd is credited with convincing the National Geographic Society to establish the First Beam Expedition, in which log sections from occupied pueblos, mission churches and prehistoric ruins from the American southwest were collected and recorded alongside those from living ponderosa pine trees.

The ring widths were matched and cross-dated, and by the 1920s, chronologies were built back nearly 600 years. Haury, and dendrochronology conducted on Showlow eventuated the first single chronology for the southwest, extending over a period of over 1,200 years.

2018) have shown that there are chemical signals which trace precipitation and temperature changes, which may be leveraged for gaining more information.

The elliptical rings on this tree from Turkey show that the tree grew tilted on a slope for several years, the part facing the upslope identified by the narrowness of the ring in the right hand side of the image.

Dendrochronology is the formal term for tree-ring dating, the science that uses the growth rings of trees as a detailed record of climatic change in a region, as well as a way to approximate the date of construction for wooden objects of many types.

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