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On the dating site, Meehan framed himself as a handsome anesthesiologist who owned multiple homes. “Best thing that will ever happen to you,” he texted Newell after their first date, according to the Los Angeles Times report.Journalist Christopher Goffard spent a whole year investigating Meehan’s case for a podcast called “Dirty John,” and investigative project for the LA Times and he explains that Newell’s new boyfriend had a filthy past and a dirty nickname.Warning: Some Spoilers Ahead By their third date, Meehan told Newell he was madly in love with her and that he wanted to marry her. Meanwhile, Newell knew nothing about her husband’s shady past. Worse than that, he had a history of stalking, harassing and terrorizing women.

Sabrina Frock, 27, underwent surgery for those injuries but didn’t survive, according to a Lawrence Journal-World report.

No one is in custody or has been charged in connection with Frock’s death yet.

“He would induce women to send him intimate photos of himself which he then used to blackmail them. slick liar…”We won’t give away all of the show, but let’s just say the Newell and Meehan’s relationship ended in bloodshed.

He sent them to their families, he sent them to their kids’ school.”He became such a frequent predator that women warned each other not to date Meehan on a site called, which had devoted multiple pages to him. The story of “Dirty John” is not the only disturbing one that began on a dating site.

Debra Newell, then 59, met John Meehan on an over-50s dating site.

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