Dead sea scroll dating

However, events foretold to happen that occur after 165 BCE are truly prophetic.Objective evidence to confirm each event is all that is required.

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As we move into verifying the individual prophecies contained in the 70-weeks prophecy, we will begin to understand why conservative scholars hold to the position that Daniel was authored as early as 530 BCE. Daniels reason for praying is that another Jewish prophet, Jeremiah (refer to Jeremiah -12) had already foretold that the Jewish people would return to Jerusalem (Daniel 9:2-3).

Although modern scholars () may not agree with the conservative dating, evidence exits to support the traditional Christian view. Daniel is simply wondering when the Jewish people would be allowed to return to Jerusalem.

The date for when the book of Daniel was written is somewhat controversial.

For conservative Christians, the earliest date is about 530 BCE.

These methods are: The University of Arizona used advanced methods to carbon date various Dead Sea Scrolls.

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