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*virtu-hug* Posted by: Aaron | Nov 15, 2005 PM Hi Kathy - Poland calling. Dąbrowski | Nov 15, 2005 PM staying with the chickens, check out specifically chicken souls for the soup ( Posted by: Leonie | Nov 15, 2005 PM I've been building a placeholder site for a project I'm going to do starting in December. "; var alert Email Is Invalid = "The Email Address you entered is invalid.

:) First - thank You for one of the most inspiring blog I have pleasure to read. And: we (a small IT startup) _really use_ the ideas You present. I hope You will get well soon, and the rest of free time will be pure relax. However, rather than just put up a boring placeholder, I've been playing with the cliche's of "Web 2.0", chronic betas, venture capital, etc. And an inspirational, not totally serious site about Pronoia (the antidote to paranoia)and related things: Peace and a long life, Jens Posted by: Jens Reineking | Nov 16, 2005 AM This is a very silly joke: (that's why I'm signing it anonimously!! Please enter a valid email address."; var alert Unauthorized Action = "The comments on this post are closed."; var msg Post Reply To = "Reply to "; var msg In Reply To = "In reply to "; var msg Post AComment = "Post a comment "; var atp Comments Path = "/.shared/js/atpcomments_yui.js?

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I put together "Dating Power Tools" to show all the really easy things men can do to make finding, meeting, talking to, and dating women much simpler.

Think of it as the interface for a dating application server: you just hook up to services that are there in the system already.

t=600420&highlight=Star Wars Pants Posted by: Chad | Nov 15, 2005 PM Check out the Blue Ball Machine: Absolutely fascinating. image001(more funny images, some of them unfortunately understandable only if You know polish, but give them a try here Please enter some text in the Comment field."; var alert Editing Expired = "Sorry, you're no longer allowed to edit this comment.

Posted by: Ken Dyck | Nov 15, 2005 PM No jokes spring to mind, but just wanted to say your blog rocks the dome, and Feel Better Soon! Let us see...) I suggest adding RSS from that site to Your feed (You have one, haven't You? It is a selection of works of some of the not widely known artists from Deviant Art. task=Pokaz (warning - many links, no thumbnails)) - images, photos, videos, powerpoints: Get well, and be back with a lot of ideas, posts, etc! Dąbrowski | Nov 15, 2005 PM Sorry for commenting again, forgot this one (about inspiration): Posted by: Marcin W. You may have taken too much time before submitting your edit or someone may have already replied to it."; var alert Author Cannot Be Blank = "Name must not be blank."; var alert Email Cannot Be Blank = "Email Address must not be blank."; var alert Author And Email Cannot Be Blank = "Name and email address are both required!

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