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26 December 2018 It has already been noted (see E.6c. ) that the omission of the eastern two-fifths of the Black Sea was foreseen by the charts author, even if the cut-off points, at the north and south coasts, represent no more than the accidental limit of the available space.

It can be shown that the author decided the placement of the eastern margin should include the outline of the Levant coast as well as all of its toponymy.

Nevertheless, that remains the latest datable historical reference so far identified on the Carte Pisane.

4 January 2018 The Carte Pisane was the subject of multi-spectral analysis by the Bibliothque nationale de France in December 2018.

What made that claim about one of the Bibliothque nationale de France's greatest cartographic treasures all the more dramatic was that the conference was being organised by that very institution, as an accompaniment to the finest exhibition of early maritime charts ever mounted, with the Carte Pisane as one of its central attractions.

The Pujades claim has not yet been answered nor, as far as I am aware, even discussed.

While minor differences in the scale of later charts seems to demonstrate that facility, the mechanism remains unknown.

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