Dating women in rabat sarah ferguson who is she dating

Whereas at the Moroccan engagement, it was a room full of women dancing, the IES Abroad wedding had everyone dancing together—including, in this picture, two of our Arabic professors!I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of these two celebrations, to see the traditional engagement and the wonderful IES Abroad party.

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First is the proposal: the young man and his family come to the house of the young woman's family, bearing many expensive gifts.

The families share a dinner and the young man asks for the young woman's hand in marriage.

This is what is required for a couple to be considered legally married.

Of course, even if it's a fake wedding, the dancing was still real!

See if you can spot the bride above in a crown and her first dress of the night: traditional dark green and gold, worn to receive henna.

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