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Introverts generally chose work where they can function independently or one-on-one, with enough time for careful reflection before acting.Extraverts prefer a high level of social interaction with a wide variety of people. Introverts are just as capable as extraverts of enjoying friendships and working with people, although they tend to chose their friends more carefully and they prefer to work with people individually rather than in large groups.

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If too much togetherness with others is demanded, the development of ideas is inhibited.

Also, introverts need time to reflect on a question before answering and, in an analysis of taped classroom discussion, it was found that teachers tend to wait less than one second for students to reply to their questions.

When they do display their work they tend to give only their conclusions, without details of what they did.

Tensions can develop when the introvert is in the minority in a group such as the classroom, where the prevailing climate is established/controlled by the predominant extraverts.

However, while introverts are a minority group in society, they form the majority of gifted people.

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