Dating vox ac30 top boost

dating vox ac30 top boost-8

It’s not a bad reverb, and is often key to getting the most classically Vox-y and sparkling tones.

But it’s hard not to wonder if a more streamlined circuit would have sounded just a touch better and been less expensive.

It rings in a uniquely excitable, British kind of way that classic, ubiquitous small amps like Champs, Princetons, and Blues and Pro Juniors can’t quite match. But I can’t remember having more fun with a Rickenbacker, a Telecaster, and a cable than I had in a few days with the little Vox.

The AC10 could be the ultimate amplifier for laying down power pop rhythm tracks.

If you think about how many pedals you’ve bought that add up to the same money and that will never sound quite as cool as the AC10 blasting away all on its own, this little Vox fast becomes a contender for the bang-for-the-buck amp championship.

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