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They were also restricted by the organizations ultimate resourcethe caliber of the training professional (if, that is, the organization believed strongly enough in T&Ds importance that it budgeted for one).The potential of T&D as an effective function was limited even further by complications that have existed since its inception.Commoditized activities are those that sap energy and resources but are tangential and nonconsequential when done correctly.

Because doing nothing different from the status quo, or even nothing at all, is also a strategic decisionwith its own set of dire consequences.

When the T&D function is considered in its entirety, think of the full range of activities, including administration, evaluation, Website design, and maintenance.

This results in many training presentations being given by professionals who are only subject matter experts in how adults learn and not experts in T&D program design (and even subject-matter experts are not always guaranteed).

The whole question of T&D becomes quite strategic when approached in this context.

To entrust others with this process is to deny key players inside the structure the chance to determine what would really be effective.

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