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As a Citizen of Dickenside, your name will be used as a questgiver at the Guild, and you'll also receive a unique shout-out from Professor Laurel as one of her past lovers (see this post for details: https:// • Includes rewards of all previous tiers.

Such an adorable story with beautiful and cute characters.

So find your center and meet the girls of Crush Crush.

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Prince of the Resort – Love simulation otome game for women Aquria is famous for its celebrity resort. And as you spend more and more time with him, you end up uncovering his secrets…. Lavi Olfa Ibn Almaz (A wild prince) 15th Prince of Kajura.

Overcoming your differences in status, your love story will turn out to be…

Rather than your typical "porn game", what you'll find here is a casual RPG with a compelling story, unique battle and dungeoncrawling systems, and several hours of content.

Of course, there's , usually about a month before non-patrons get to play it.

【Official Website】 【Official Facebook】 https:// D.

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