Dating silvertone amp

The very first guitar amplifier I owned back in 1969 was a 1482, along with an Epiphone ET-270 guitar. It wasn't a difficult repair; there was a fried 2.2k resistor in the power supply.There was no back included with the amp, and the sale only included power tubes.I've decided recently to properly fix this amp, but I need some guidance concerning how I might go about doing so.

It has all of the original Silvertone tubes (a 12AX7, a 6V6GT, and a 6X4), but they are about 40 years old so I didn't think replacing them could do much harm...

So, my questions are: What would be the best 8-inch speaker to install in my amp (Jensen MOD8-20 [20W], Jensen C8R [25W], Eminence Alpha-8MRA [125W], or something else that anyone might think is better) and where can I find it to order online? (I figure I can probably find some on or any other online parts dealer, but I wanted opinions on what would be best to use in an amp since many parts dealers sell lots of guitar-specific rather than amplifier-specific parts.)Best tubes?

The back and faceplate were 1/4" masonite, not the sturdiest or most audiophile quality material.

In fact, a few years after it's introduction, they cheaped out and instead of a one piece faceplate with a circular hole for the speaker, changed it to a two piece with a very small square hole, I guess to make construction quicker.

Using a small dental brush and isopropyl alcohol, I scrubbed each pinhole of each tube socket.

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