Dating sheet music

See if you can follow the sheet music whilst listening to a recording below from the same piece, the Giga of Sonata No.2.

The world’s oldest piece of piano sheet music can really give us a glimpse into what piano composers thought the piano was capable of achieving when they were first invented.

But any distribution you make (even of your own modified version) must be licensed under the same conditions. Not all the scores listed on this site reside on the CPDL server.

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In ancient Egypt, music was consumed in ceremonies, on the battlefield, in burial chambers and on farms.

In ancient Celtic culture, music was used as a weapon to terrify opponents in battle; the trumpet-like Carnyx delivering a powerfully disturbing cry on the battlefield.

The collection includes Civil War and post-Civil War period music, as well as songs from the abolitionist movement.

The original sheet music is owned by the John Hay Library, Brown University.

They were composed by Lodovico Giustini, an Italian organist, composer and harpsichord player who came from a long lineage of accomplished musicians dating back to the early 17th century.

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