Chatroom for bisexual - Dating polite rejection ways

She had a good impression, but then you got needy, or insecure, or you weren’t as fun or sexy as she thought.You CAN turn this around – I call it “resetting impression” – and I teach it in my Girlfriend Activation System course. Go for what you want – you only have one life to live, and if you let fear and self-doubt keep you from going for what you want, you’re missing out on some of the best experiences you could have.You’ve gotten to know her, and maybe even taken her on a date or two.

And if you felt like you had a shot and you couldn’t care less about getting a stronger rejection, you could say something like “Look, we’re two strangers but you never know what amazing things could happen – and I’d love to get to know you better…

Give me your number and I promise I’ll only text you twenty times a day“.

I like this approach, because it shows that you’re a bit of a romantic, unafraid of rejection, and that you go for what you want.

And that last bit about only texting her twenty times a day is going to jokingly show her that you’re An incongruent rejection occurs when you were talking to a girl who seemed into you but then she tells you that it’s a “no-go”.

But there are a lot of situations where rejection isn’t all that clear cut and you are actually better off trying to hang in there and see if she is testing you.

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