Freesexchatsfree - Dating on couchsurfing

Most chicks have an assortment of pictures: group shots of couchsurfing meetings, various activities and solo shots.On the other hand, if a girl’s only pictures are with single males that hosted her, you can be sure she was fond of the host because he furnished her with some hard dick for the duration of her stay.While some nationalities are easier than others, there was something about these countries manufacturing girls that are almost always guaranteed lays.

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I’ve found that most Polish girls have affinity for Spanish, while Russian girls like Italian, which is an accurate portrayal of their general preference for men.

My Mexican buddy hit the jackpot when he hosted a petite Polish girl who spoke fluent Spanish.

We do not allow Couchsurfing to be used for dating or romantic purposes and encourage you to report any such behavior to [email protected]

MT @Wilton Claudia: Met up with Emma (a couchsurfer in Alice Springs) and boyfriend.

If her profile shows that she has lots of male friends compared to female friends, that’s a strong sign she prefers to be hosted by men. Furthermore, the closer she’s to her “male friends” (as shown by “relationship type”), the greater the chance they’re way, way more than just friends.

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