Dating omega watches by serial number

Omega also has an extensive database of their vintage watches on their website, so if you need further information about your Omega timepiece, you can go to Omega Vintage watches information and identify your timepiece.

Note that all serial numbers may not be exact by the very year, but more so help you find the approximate year of your Omega.

Here, it is more difficult to know the serial numbers and their exact dates.

We’ve already listed them above, but tis will hopefully make it easier to read and distinguish your watch.

The point of the serial numbers is to show that because each and every serial number is unique to the watch, the examples show the format of how the serial number should be.

Below is just a different way to present it as above: Used between 1961 – 1970 18XXXXXX = 1961 19XXXXXX = 1962 20XXXXXX = 1963 21XXXXXX = 1964 22XXXXXX = 1965 23 – 24XXXXXX = 1966 22XXXXXX = 1967 26 – 27XXXXXX = 1968 28 – 29XXXXXX = 1969 30 – 32XXXXXX = 1970 Omega using ETA movements Omega started using ETA movements in some timepieces in the 1980s, and this complicates things when it comes to serial numbers.

To help you identify the year of which your Omega watch was produced, we’ve made a list of Omega serial numbers below.

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