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Chances are these early stories will never see an official reprinting, so read 'em here with the always-helpful American Irony Radar unit tuned in on the "Sins of our Fathers" wavelength... I'd guess the phrase was uttered at least 2,000 times between 19 in his work.

Tain't much to this first story (just as Barks' first "Donald Duck" 10-pager is no great shakes).

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The "Bugs Bunny" Four-Color one-shot Stanley claims to have written (issue #33), was published in the fall of '43. Like the earliest stories of Carl Barks, Stanley's maiden efforts, while tentative, have a certain freshness, and vaguely hint at the themes and comedic devices their author would hone to sublimity within a few years' worth of constant writing and publication. I find it odd that the comic book version of "Tom and Jerry" elected to show "Mammy Two Shoes"' face front and center.

The MGM cartoons, though often cretinous swill, opted to tastefully (? The actress Lillian Randolph, who appeared in It's A Wonderful Life, Roots and The Onion Field, did Mammy's voice in full-bodied "honey chile" style. In some cases, the scenes with Mammy were re-animated to have a white bobby-soxer incongruously spouting Randolph's down-home patois.

NET 4.0 controls on 32-bit applications were recognized as Swf Objects. Recovery scenarios did not work in BPT wrapper tests. Run-time errors were displayed if you ran a business component that contained a QCUtil. Change Request: QCCR1J16627, QC53017 This patch provides official support for testing applications in Internet Explorer when Internet Explorer is in protected mode.

It includes support for working with Internet Explorer in Protected Mode on all operating systems that Quick Test Professional supports.

One year later, John Stanley has begun to find his voice as a writer.

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