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Today, we often need help deciphering these images.

To further complicate the book of Revelation, John saw visions of both his present world and of events yet to take place in the future.

There he saw the Apocalypse; and when at length grown old, he thought that he should receive his release by suffering; but Domitian being killed, he was liberated Commentary on Revelation In verse 4, Daniel was told, "shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end. Such matters are eternal and outside of normal human reckoning. It should be noted that the importance of this example cannot be overstated because it is the only specific instance that can be produced of such alleged Domitianic martyrdoms of Christians, and the evidence escorts in oakbrook terrace il it even is an example of this at all is quite scanty.

When questions of dating biblical books arise, one must consider two main kinds of evidence: external and internal.

This has been rendered in English as follows: "We will not, however, incur the risk of pronouncing positively as to the name of Antichrist; for if it were necessary that his name should be distinctly revealed in this present time, it would have been announced by him who beheld the apocalyptic vision.

I recommend the article to you because I find it quite compelling: Gundry, R. “The apostolically Johannine pre-Papian tradition concerning the Gospels of Mark and Matthew,” in Gundry R.

H., The old is better: New Testament essays in support of traditional interpretations.

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