Mature adult dating service - Dating of mahabharata and ramayana

Details of this decipherment here: showing a date less than this is welcome.Why another year also appeared for the given inputs?The import is Arundhati alone stayed put without changing position. Such an Arundhati could have never changed position in the past or future. Talking on Skanda we move to Ramayana date as Skanda is worshiped in the Mantra of Indra dvaja by Manu (Brihad Samhita -55) Means Skanda aka Muruga existed before Manu’s times.

Read Cp The date is deciphered as 29 June, 3123 BC! Next catastrophe happened 36 years after Mahabharata war when Krishna left the world.

Massive waves that hit Dwaraka could have been caused by an asteroid hit off the coast of Madagascar 5000 yrs ago. UT23f Vfsg ZI The chevrons around Madagascar testify this.

The dates of 3 sangams deduced after research: 9990 BCE is the date after which Manu must have given the Indradvaja mantra.

Only after that the Ikshvaku dynasty was formed in which Rama was born much later. Internal evidence of Ramayana is “Kavatam of Pandyas!

Ursa major may change its shape, but Mizar- Alcor orientation and location as seen from the earth won’t change.

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