Dating motorcycle tyres Andhra aunties chat com

In 1973, the average tread life of a passenger car tire was approximately 24,000 miles. If the tire has only 10 digits, the tire was manufactured before the year 2000. This six-year expiration date begins from the day the tire was manufactured at the plant—not the date it was sold to a consumer or the date that it was installed on a vehicle.

Tire tread life has quadrupled over the last forty years and some currently sold tires promise 100,000 miles of tread life. Many auto manufacturers have taken small steps to warn consumers by placing warnings within the owner’s manual of newer model vehicles.

Please remember however that It is the “top speed” of the “slowest” tyre on your motorcycle which defines the maximum speed at which you should ride and which, if exceeded, risks tyre failure hence why you should replace a tyre with one of at least the same speed rating so that you don’t reduce the speed capability of your bike.

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A tyre marked “2113″ was made on the 21st week of 2013, and this information is very important as a tyre has a shelf like of around 6 years, although this can vary depending on how the tyre is stored with things such as temperature and humidity becoming a factor.

Tyre manufacturers also make their products in a variety of factories across the globe, so each tyre is stamped with a “Made in” location to denote country of origin.

In the July 2014 edition of Fast Bikes our very own Bryn Phillips has been discussing everything you need to know about tyre markings, so read on to find out what you missed….

The majority of riders know which tyre sizes are on their bike, but do they really know what a number such as 120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W) on a motorcycle tyre sidewall actually means?

Next to, or near the size is the DOT code which indicates that the tyre conforms to the United States Department Of Transport regulations, and following this will be four digits molded in a separate rectangle.

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