Dating madame alexander

She had the intelligence, the resourcefulness and the bravery to pursue her goals, no matter what the odds might be.

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Maggie face dolls are marked: Alex, Alexander or (usually) unmarked.1948-1950 Alexander Mary Martin doll, 14 or 18" tall, the 14" doll came in a white formal, the 18" doll came in a sailor suit or chambray outfit.

Short curly wig, sleep eyes, hard plastic jointed body, used the Margaret face mold.

Dolls should develop an appreciation of art and literature in a child." It is little wonder, then, that storybook characters, early motion picture stars and international characters became some of Alexander's best first dolls, and were her recurring subjects for the rest of her career.

She wanted to share her beautiful vision with children, and her personal desire for presenting herself as an elegant person of substance led to her adopting the title Madam Alexander, which first appeared in an article in a 1928 edition of the magazine Playthings.

Original tagged clothing green jacket double front buttons, plaid dress, high thigh stockings, black heeled shoes, matching hat plus one extra hat also in green trim. Rather, they are paying for the privilege of taking care of something vitally important, and preserving it, for times to come.

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