Dating larger woman

She is 23, has a pretty face, nice smile, good hair, etc, but she is quite big. I am 28, 6 feet tall, thin, and in pretty good shape.I work out regularly though I don't diet very well.Don't date her thinking that you might be able to get over this one thing, or that maybe if you suggest it she'll lose weight.

dating larger woman-65

She sounds awesome and deserving of respect..she saw this post, she would feel so terrible and embarrassed.

If she's not your type, she's not your type.

Not gonna lie, I've stood next to her, and thought about what it would be like to have sex with her. You can't lay on a fat girl and fuck her because the angle pulls your dick out unless you have 12 inches to work with!

While I wasn't disgusted, I wasn't turned on either. You're left with either doggie or pseudo missionary kneeling in front of her.

Sometimes we’re attracted to people we otherwise never thought could strike up our fancy—it’s up to the individual to get over themselves and try something new. But more importantly, you share a deep connection that transcends the physical, which is hard to come by and cannot be replicated at will with just anybody. You don’t want to hurt her, then don’t enter a relationship with her if you’re not sure.

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