Dating kissme

This also happens to be one of my favorite tropes—win-win!

I wasn’t the biggest fan of hers in the Dating Trilogy, so I was hoping that reading her story would help — and it did!

Dating kissme

“I have so many questions that want to break free of me. ”-4 Stars-Unfortunately I read this novella after reading Marry Me but it was still good to go back and discover how Giselle and Anders love story first started.

Sincerely, Yo Dear H̶o̶t̶t̶i̶e̶ Anders, My parents dragged me to the beach this summer against my will. Kiss Me is a novella length and really sweet prequel that shows a young Giselle who already knows what she wants and the first step to getting it is that kiss from Anders. Do you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you?

However the stage is set for the romance to come in the future when they are older and choices have to be made. I loved that we got to fill in some of the blanks of their past as well as being able to see the basis of some of the inside jokes we later see in Marry Me. Definitely makes you want to know what happens next! Apparently, her teenage years shaped her into the harder version she seems to be in Marek's trilogy, but I really want to read more of her story.

Kiss Me was an awesome prequel novella to Alexandria Bishop's Marry Me.

I'm seventeen years old without a plan while my friends party it up back at home. While spending a weekend at the beach house with Marek and his family, Anders meets Giselle for the first time, and even though there are sparks between them nothing can come of it, Giselle is totally off limits.

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