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The city of Split developed around it, first housing servants and people supporting the former emperor’s lifestyle, later an actual town.-century Gothic palaces and various other buildings in other architectural styles.

The Palace of Diocletian is still the beating heart of Split. Still in use to this very day—the landscape is dominated by wineries and olive groves—the plain still looks exactly as it did thousands of years ago.

In Slovenia, you’ll find UNESCO-protected ancient and primeval beech forests in Krokar and Snežnik-Ždrocle.

It is, in fact, said that this is the world’s largest building constructed with only stone.

An absolutely monumental structure, the Cathedral of St.

The Balkans is a region of immense historical, cultural and natural value.

There are various natural attractions unique in the region, but also phenomenal historic cities, ancient burial sites and incredible architecture.

This article tackles all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Balkans, more specifically those in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

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