Dating game tv show 1970

This is an episode of a silly 1960s game show where female contestants try to find the man of their dreams by asking three men a series of questions.Mindless fluff, but at least it is better than "Blind Date".(We’d wager his at-the-time dashing looks didn’t hurt, either.) giving himself the nickname “Mean” Mc Lean.

From six-foot-tall heartthrobs (Jon Hamm, Tom Selleck) to chart-topping musicians (Joey Fatone, Lady Gaga) to -V-necked game show hosts (Simon Cowell), the game shows of yore have proven a veritable breeding ground for A-list talent.

In other words, if you’re a casting director, get thee to a game show set, stat. Here, you’ll find 20 celebs who catapulted their careers off the backs of good-hearted competition.

As an added bonus there is the original commercials, one of which features Betty White!

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