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In the midst of her speed dating she is also trying to get her greeting card store upgraded from Welcome! However, in spite of this I found the book to be an engaging and humorous read.

What drew me to this novel at first were the references that I had seen beforehand comparing Kozak to one of my favorite authors Janet Evanovich.

Kozak very sensibly lays out the foundation for further novels in the series, and it’s obvious to this reader, at least, that Simon and Joey are a doomed mismatch of wildly contrasting personalities. This, in a way, was kind of disappointing to me because I would have liked to see more on The Dating Project.

(reviewed by Kam Aures JUN 01, 2004) "The Dating Project consisted of fifteen women around the country dating six hundred men over a period of six months, in an organized and documented manner. Greetings Corporation seems to always catch Wollie at the wrong time making the prospect of an upgrade look bleak. It also added a little bit of confusion to the novel in that it was hard to keep all of the characters straight since many appeared only for a very short time.

At 19, having already performed in 30 plays, she went to New York's Lower East Side and was accepted into the professional acting training program at NYU's School of the Arts.

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