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I get jealous and it sometimes comes off in my behavior when we are together no matter how hard I try to shrug it off. Do what you *want* to do and enjoy your time with her. Also, anything in this world worth going after is going to have other people who want it, too. Forgive yourself, and enjoy practicing and perfecting your own form of seduction, which may or may not be the one that works best with this particular girl you're seeing -- no fault on you, as long you're trying to make it the best that you can! We have one life -- our lives end up one way, and every course of action leads us to where we are now.

My best strategy would be to ignore him and just do my thing, but its easier said than done. All that matters when you're with her is you and her. There are people who were right for you, or they weren't.

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This makes it easier to be thoughtful and really pay attention to the person behind profile rather than treating it like a game.

When seeing someone and you guys are not exclusive yet, how do you deal with the fact that they are dating others? If the process isn't fun and satisfying *for you*, discontinue dating her. Opinion varies on when to assert your desire for exclusivity. In other words, it's quite possible that if she wasn't dating a bunch of people, she wouldn't be dating you right now, either. What's relevant is that she's on a date with you right now.

The world has become obsessed with all things reality and television producers have quickly fallen in line.

From cable networks such as MTV, Oxygen and WE to the traditional network stalwarts NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC, reality TV is everywhere and so are the multitude of opportunities for men and women of all ages become the next reality phenomenon.

A major cable network is getting ready to film a new series.

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