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Collectors, this is the Holy Grail of Browning A5’s. I have had 5 or 6 of the 200 or so of these made and this is the nicest wood of any I have sol ... Good condition, some finish wear, many nicks and small dents in the wood. Click for more info This Belgian A5 features fixed full choke, very pretty wood with nice figure, Ventilated rib barrel, round knob pistol grip and sharp checkering. The blue is very strong with a few tiny spots you have to look for. Click for more info This is a very nice 1949 Belgium made Browning 16 Gauge. Nearly all the blue is present with just light thinning under the receiver and some light fr ...

Click for more info Browning Model A5 Shotgun 16 Ga. Click for more info This is a very nice looking and lightly used Browning A-5 Sweet Sixteen shotgun that was made in 1962.

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For more information, please contact Browning Customer Service at 1-800-333-3288 Lastly, I love my A5, replace the recoil spring in it every decade or so.

I replace the bolt return spring about every 15 years or so. If the springs get weaker (they do) and the gun continues to see use, they tend to eventually batter the locking rocker assy out of the top of the bolt assy.

Add to Favorites Free Registration Tutorial Videos Contest New Today New This Week Articles Gun Appraisals Affiliate Programs Free Targets FAQ's - Contact US Gun Links Click here to tell a friend about us. Click for more info This is a 1949 Belgium Browning Sweet Sixteen. The waqlnut stock and forearm had a few scattered field din ...

Here is another set from the collection all with the same serial number. Click for more info This is a very early “PRE-WAR” and very RARE Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen.

You will find the hammer pivot bearing wears egg-shaped after 15 or 20 years of hard use too, replace the hammer every couple decades (or 30,000 rounds or so). The Gold Trigger is a comon touch, even on my "Grade 1" (the "standard field grade").

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