cassie and diddy dating 2016 - Dating an egyptian american men

If I did not pay him that, he would no longer work in the shop.I should then hire a hairdresser, which would be more expensive. The salary he would earn with that would go to his bank account, so I couldn’t touch it and he would not pay for anything.

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I had to do all the work (keep the shop clean, book keeping, ordering, shopping, etc.), apart from hair cutting, that was his job. When I finally came home at 3 in the morning, tired, all hell broke loose.

He blamed me that I was going out with other men, that my book keeping wasn’t correct and that I stole money.

He’d been working like a hairdresser before and liked to pick that up again.

As we were married, I had to sign together with him on all the paperwork; rent of the building, loans, etc.

As soon as we arrived there, only one of the 2 animators was there.

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