Dating american waltham watches Livesex in temeke

Value will not be given over the phone, so don't ask. Some of the pages will be able to provide additional information.

Use the tabs above to select the features you want to use.

The serial number database features include the ability to find information and view the source pages for the information about Waltham watches and view observaton information provided by other collectors. The upper table shows the summary information about the watches that were found by the search you requested.

The displayed result is limited to 200 rows or less with a link at the bottom to display the next group of up to 200 more.

In that list, the first serial number in each line is a link to the tab allows you to view the information from existing observation data or enter your own data if there is no current data.

Remember, the serial number being referred to is the serial number on the movement (i.e. In the beginning of 2003, a few Waltham collectors, including Tom Mc Intyre and myself began development of the Waltham Database.

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