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Oh, and please understand the difference between a person who is truly busy and a person who is just too busy for you.

If he/she is just too busy for you, but makes time for other things and other people, sorry to tell you, but that’s not the person for you.

When you are dating a busy person, it can be tempting to jump to negative conclusions to explain their behaviour.

It is annoying that your date can’t always attend the same things as you, but it is impressive that your date is so committed to their job/hobbies/family.

To make your relationship with a busy man work you have to be flexible, independent and keep your love on his mind without distracting him from his important jobs. Although you can’t be at his “beck and call” all the time, you can accept a spontaneous invitation to lunch or a late dinner when he is available as long as you don’t simply become a “booty-call.” Keep it short and sweet.

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