Dating a newly divorced man

He doesn’t see you – he sees his ex and how you’re the same or different from her.

He’s still too close to his ex and instead of looking at you for who you are – he is comparing you to who he was with. You want him to see so he can make a fair assessment of your compatibility, just as you’re doing with him.

He offered to take her to the surgery and bring her back to his house for the first few days of her recovery. He had done much of his getting over the ex before the divorce occurred so once it was over, he was ready to go! You don’t need the added pressure of a man’s ex still in the picture.

To say he is conflicted about what he wants is a major understatement. I have been officially divorced for just about 3.5 months now and I personally realize I am nowhere close to being able to dive into any serious dating situations.

I’ve been on a couple dates and have been texting a couple different women.

She said not to worry about it, “We’re not boyfriend & girlfriend.” However, I felt horrible.

Since that ordeal, we have met up for a couple dinners, all which end with big long hugs and a couple simple kisses on the lips.

He’ll fight you on it and say, blah, blah, but don’t buy what he is selling!

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