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It’s learning how to enjoy spending time with yourself how to enjoy spending time with yourself and another person.

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This has happened innumerable times, especially when it comes to any commitment involving the evening, the weekend, whenever the sun is up, whenever the sun is down, bars, movies, restaurants, and the planet Earth.

I became particularly good at creating excuses (heads up for family and friends: there is a gas leak) which once left me with the nickname “Squirmy Shermie,” which I assume was supposed to be an endearing term about being a damn flake.

There are more adult examples later in life, but they’re not nearly as funny or tragic.

Managing mood on a day-to-day basis is an uphill, hellish hike of complete uncertainty, but it’s something I’ve grown to understand.

Instead, I've found that meeting people in venues I’d normally occupy anyway helped alleviate certain stresses.

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