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Baba was from a branch of the Marashis that left Iraq in the 1920s and settled in the tropical island of Zanzibar.He was studying abroad in Canada when his sister sent him Mama’s picture, a wallet size he blew up to poster proportions and proudly toted back to Iraq to gift to my grandfather as a stand-in for the daughter he was taking with him.On the contrary, the contents of my mind deeply ashamed me.

Located in Kuwait, within 1.8 miles of Al Hamra Tower & Mall and 2.5 miles of Kuwait Towers, Saray Hotel Apartments provides accommodations with a shared lounge and free Wi Fi as well as free private...

All kind of stuff you can find such as Kuwaiti traditional cloths, perfumes and more stuff. For the tourists and new comers who wants to feel the real culture of Kuwait - Souk Al-Mubarakiya is the place to be. market, shops, restaurants, money changer, you name it and they got it all... Lots of different food items and lots of perfume, hand bags, scarves, etc. From the non discript entry, this souk, or market, unfolds to offer every type of experience you would expect and desire in the Middle East. Jewelry, clothing is here, and the best part is the people, friendly, open, willing to...

It made the guy in the mall who just asked for your number tell you to go back to Kuwait where you came from.

Not being allowed to date was the issue that plucked me out of the realm of exotic and interesting and planted me firmly into a sad documentary about people from other cultures, the kind that makes its audience walk away grateful to be themselves.

You can find a very good restaurants, coffee shops. I lived in Kuwait over six months and some of the best food and most reasonably priced food was here in the Souk.

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