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When he was two, he was adopted by his step-father Conrad Pete Sandoval.

D trix and lauren froderman dating

He legally changed it when he was 16, as he explains in his You Tube video called "10 Things You Never Knew About Me." He began breakdancing at age 13 and has performed at NBA and WNBA games, as well as won the 2005 "Evolution 2" competition held in Orlando, Florida with his breaking crew, Flexible Flav.

Three months before the Los Angeles auditions, in order to prepare, Sandoval took hip-hop and choreography classes.

As of July 8, 2017, "the DOMINICshow" had over three and a half million subscribers (3,563,165) while his second channel, "RANDOMinic SHOW", now "RANDOM GUYS" had 926,185 subscribers.

Sandoval has collaborated with Ryan Higa (Niga Higa) in videos such as "I Dare You", "Parkourse", and "Food Challenges".

Since that, they're still touring around and now I'm doing this.

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