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“Retaining earnings for use by the business helps prevent a weak balance sheet.” Consolidating business debt into a single loan can make repayment more manageable and affordable.

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As a business owner, you probably took out a loan to kickstart or grow your business.

Then, along the way, you’ve faced financial obligations, unexpected changes and unforeseen circumstances like structural changes, investment challenges and economic downturns. Debt consolidation can help you dig your business out of a financial bind by managing the debt you owe and mitigating high interest rates from credit cards and other debt sources.

Get started by contacting a banker directly to talk through your financial tools options to keep your business strong and growing. Terms and conditions apply.[cite::171::cite][cite::172::cite] What are the financing requirements for owner-occupied commercial real estate?

Should you buy or lease property for your business?

I called them and explained my frustration with them, and they did remove the membership fee, as I told them I was cancelling the account.

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