Christian patience dating

When he taps his fingers loudly, grows angry, and paces anxiously while spewing stinging barbs, he doesn’t practice patience! But it’s forced waiting and it never accomplishes what he hopes it will.

For example, my friend can pray for his wife who’s always late and ask God how he can help her be on time. Prayer sets something in motion, even your spouse —though that may not seem immediately detectable.” Stormie goes on to write other ways to pursue patience.

These include making “a mental adjustment,” being “thankful,” keeping “quiet,” when it would be best, and “don’t give up.” Perhaps you could even post a comment below this article to encourage others in this area of marriage.

But just because we’re waiting doesn’t necessarily mean we have patience.

It’s HOW we wait in marriage that’s most important. “I know a couple in which the husband is always on time and his wife frequently runs late.

Stormie Omartian goes on to write: “Paul makes it clear that not only are we supposed to desire patience, we’re to pursue it.

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